Monday, July 29, 2013

Dirty Hands

This morning I woke up, I recalled a recent conversation I was having with a friend as she was bringing baby & I home from the hospital.  She was detailing about a situation God had placed her in that had her helping someone in a very unsafe neighborhood, in a very unsafe time of the day.  Her husband had gotten very upset and they experienced verbal conflict and went to bed mad because of it. I told her that I could understand his point, because there are dangerous areas where we live, but on the same side of things.. I could see hers.  She felt God pressing her to act, the dangers weren't even a part of the thought process, she trusted that God would protect her regardless. I took a moment to uplift her and thank her for being willing to act in the way God had placed her in and moved her to motion.

Ministry work is "dirty" business. It's my personal belief, that if I walk away from a ministry opportunity with clean, unworked hands, I have failed. If I haven't got involved, if I let it pass me by, I have failed my brothers and sisters and most of all, God.

I don't have unlimited amounts of time or money, but the very least I can do is #1 PRAY and #2, use my resourcefulness to suggest people, places, things that would help fill the need if I can't dig down and fill the need myself. The wonderful thing about social networking is that it connects us, it enables us to reach thousands at the click of a button. This is *So*helpful when you are doing outreach.

It's easy to get comfortable, to space out and write a check and feel happy with my contributions. And don't get me wrong, that is an awesome and wonderful gift in itself! But when I know God is moving me I must act.  I am but one small imperfect person in the midst of billiions, but I know that change can begin with me. It begins with me showing my little ones by example, by acting and by caring. 

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2
Xoxo, Crystal

Duck Dynasty Willie Cake!

Hi everyone!

I know it has been forever but I am trying to get back in the swing of things. My gorgeous hubby turned 26 today and so I designed and baked him a vegan cake from scratch featuring one of our favorites!!!  I thought ya'll might be interested in a tutorial ;) if so, I will post one, just leave me a comment!! It could easily be adaptable for different food allergy friendly baking (or not) which is something that I have recently began doing and have been considering sharing on here! Please let me know ;)

My day was totally made when I posted the image and the official Duck Dynasty page "Like'd" it! I know the photo quality is poor, but I just don't have a budget that allows anything but a camera phone at the moment lol!

Xoxo, Crystal

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inner Peace

Forgive me for thinking out loud tonight, but I know I can't be alone. Right now writing this, I am vastly overwhelmed.  Being overwhelmed isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes its beautiful. And isn't that all that life is?  A beautiful mess?

Xoxo, Crystal

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Helllllooooo Blogland!

How is everyone? I know so much has changed! I've been trying to catch up on some of ya'lls blogs but it's been months and that's quite a feat! Lives & blog layouts have changed, babies have been conceived, born, and unfortunately some of you have lost loved ones.  Some have opened shops, some closed them.. For all I missed out on, please accept this armful of huge hugs!! <3

There were a few reasons that I went M.I.A. in the blog world (and irl as well as social networking), some of which I just want to put out there, I may be loved or un "liked" for lol but you know me, I want to be honest with you! 

Blogging is an amazing way to connect, as well as learn more than you could possibly ever accomplish on your own research. I have met so many of you loveys that I just couldn't imagine not knowing, but I am really bad about having this super tender heart and majorily over extending myself.  I've been taking some time to realize that I am one little person in this big ol' world! But guess what, one little person can make big change, but that starts in your home, being a good wife and a great mother to the little ones that God has blessed us with. I just felt like I couldn't juggle it all as well as blogging.

You know I love to make you smile ;) doing so much animal rescue the past few years this tickles me!

Life is busy!! We moved (again) in the middle of suffering from HG (hyperemesis graviduram) and some other major life events, as well as a sudden family member's death, and my husband not only preparing for deployment, but flying out of state three times in a month & half period before that. I was 15 weeks pregnant last time I blogged and gender hadn't been revealed.. so guess what? ITS A BOY! lol.. and he is actually already here, in my arms as I type this. Hubby deployed earlier this year and is still gone for a few more months, so my blogging could still be sparse as I am taking care of our four littles. I invite you guys if you'd like to help fill in the spaces with guest posts, tutorials, whatever you want in the fields of mommy ministry or positivity hit me up! if you want one drop me a comment here w/ your email! (Legitimate offers please.. no party supplies or robots please! Cats are perfectly acceptable, I don't discriminate ;D 

Also.. this is the one I may be unliked for, I felt like I was a fail at blogging. I guess, even with the purest intentions, you can find yourself wanting to be liked. Like in Kindergarten, when you sheepishly ask someone to be your friend ;) I felt like I couldn't keep up with the beautiful trendy clothed mommies, conferences, blog hops, etc. And irl, I get nervous and can be socially awkward.  I found myself very sad when a post had 0 or 1 view. I love ya'll and I love the opportunities that blogging provides to minister & really help others, and when it seemed like it was dying, it kinda broke my heart.  The more followers, the more views & shares, the more these worthy causes & handmade artisans get saw and that means alot to me. That's the only thing I have to offer to these causes most of the time, prayer & share!

And my purpose is to try to network & share. Not for self profit.

I felt so much like an epic fail. The nitty gritty honesty is that I battle every day w/ my super low esteem. I realized though, if even one person can come here for inspiration, humor, or just to see what's up, that is good enough for me. So I'm back :) and I missed you all too much for words!

Some Changes: 

1) No sponsored posts unless I feel you guys will REALLY benefit from it. I removed my clever network button too. This isn't a commercial type place.

2) For IHH (I Heart! Handmade) series, if you have a handmade shop and want, you can guest post! But you have to be nice and use your manners and treat DBNM nice or I'll remove the post later. No mean or wrong business practices please.

3) In giveaways, it will not be required to follow this blog or any of my social networking. If you want to, that would be REALLY sweet because of above mentioned reasons, otherwise, let's not make it complicated ;) by adding so many entries.

I think that's all for now..

Ps.. I'm in the midst of making a cutesie little announcement to post so you can see my new tiny (or was lol) guy, I hope to post it either tonight or in the next day.
Xoxo, Crystal
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