Friday, February 11, 2011

What my babies are getting for Valentine's Day (Not just Toys)

This year, I REALLY didn't want to buy the kids candy or cheap pink stuffed gorillas.. I just wanted something more meaningful you know? I REALLY thought about it and do you remember the fabulous, green, and mission minded toy company I spoke to you about here? They've done it again and wowed me with their brand new toy Hug Links which along with the Sugar Chute are what my babies are getting for Valentine's Day. Well, got. That and matching little sock moneys (I added sock monkeys because I cheated and gave them the toys already..) Seriously.. these are the best toys ever and I couldn't keep em secret. (Yes, I HAVE been playing with them LOL! Mr.Gorgeous too!) I LOVE the colors and the prints. I can't help myself! I wanted to give the little ones something full of love and color on Valentine's day but "sugar free" (Because we will be nom'ing on Sarah's recipe)

Hug Links! (Brand NEW to the B. toys line!) This AWESOME set of linkies make a 3 foot chain which has became bracelets, necklaces, boa, a magic wand (a droopy one), a chewy (teether), and something awesome to shake (the bead rattles) and stare at in the case of my bestie's little guy since we got them two days ago. I can't help but love them also because they are perfectly matching to my lip ring, just alot bigger, teehee!Little Boss loves to make the links fit and keeps yelling "Uggies!" (Nope, not the shoes/boots, Hugs in baby speak).
Sugar Chute! (I can't show you the sock monkeys until the kids go to bed!! LOL) I REALLY want wallpaper and pillows and fabrics identical to the prints on these balls.. aren't they amazing?! All of my kids have been wearing this one out. (They are 7, 4, and almost 2). The balls have relocated to every corner of my house but always reappear inside the toy LOL thats VERY rare! I think they like seeing them come out like gumball machines! (Update: They have also been used as PokeBalls. Wayyy more stylish ones ;)
But you know what I love more? The company. I think if they sold ice in eco-friendly colorful packaging I'd snatch that up. Why? Because B. toys goes beyond having nifty gadgets and toys. It's a lifestyle revolution. It's something to pass to your kids, to pay it forward.

Part of one of the packages. (I seriously keep ALL of them! How cute is this?)
Inspiration. Environmental responsibility. OUTREACH. Creativity. Individuality. Just a few things that make up the mission of B. and are definitely things that us adults can add to our daily routines too. You REALLY have to read this for the lowdown. I will never be able to say enough about them because they are exactly everything that proves that we are all able to make a positive change whether we are blog writers, toy companies, stay at home moms & dads, or someone in a rush buying toys for a birthday party. 

Trying to find B. for Valentine's? Check out your local Target or try here  to find another local carrier. OR you can have a blast exploring this amazing virtual world (Click explore!) they created with their toys & packaging and get the inspiration to cut up some boxes and DIY your own world to explore with the littles. Mine LOVE this! 

More sugar free creative/inspiring ideas? Build a "club house" under the kitchen table with sheets. Read books with flashlights and tell each one of them how precious they are to you because they're growing by the moment. Send each other love letters (tell them everything you love about them, what makes them unique & different, record messages to one another on the Hellophone and play them back and forth. Make cookies or paper airplanes or paper dolls. Make a scavenger hunt. Watch movies and cuddle. Valentine's just isn't about putting on hot clothes for hubby, it's about preserving one of the most amazing loves that we have been blessed with, the love of our children (which we should strive to do every day)

I found this tutorial and am convincing Mr. Gorgeous to make one, or two or three..
Last summer B. did this really cute quote contest that would allow the winner to receive some B. toy love and the chance to donate some B. to charitable donations. My daughter placed as one of the top 5 and we didn't win but the experience was amazing. People connected with me because of her quote. Seriously, sometimes the things little ones say blows my mind and melts my heart. Why am I telling you this? Because I was playing around on their site (this happens on a regular basis, I think it may be an addiction..) and I found their Valentine's Day gift to us, this adorable video. We love reading the quotes and so I was SUPER SUPER shocked to find my daughter (Caden aka Polka Dot) was the first one in this video!! Seriously, no one told me this!

My baby's quote from last summer! This is in her scrapbook for when she's older. I hope she never loses her beliefs and her thoughts like this.I know it's closely related to what I always speak of but obviously she is listening and her connection to that thought is incredible!
She blushed and smiled and giggled when she saw it today and I could see her pride. Times like this, I think that maybe I'm not doing such a bad job parenting even though we did have chili for breakfast the other morning.. 
Xoxo, Crystal


  1. All super cute and GREAT ideas! I'm totally going to try to get hubs to make that tent! VERY cute!
    What a sweet comment from your little one too.

  2. I love the tents! I am going to ask hubs to help me these are great for the summer!

  3. What great ideas! I love to give Valentine's gifts that aren't cheap/plastic or full of sugar. I'm making a gift for my girls this year... and they're nowhere close to finished!!! Guess what I'm doing this weekend! LOL!


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