Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wind-up Robots w00t!

Yesterday was a super cute event at Toys R Us, a 3D Easter Adventure/Egghunt and they gave us a sheet of three clues with sticker stations around the store for each clue and they got a little gift bag at the end for turning in a completed sheet. Of course afterwards we had to cruise the store and see what was there. We walked out with another Jenga set (the first got ate, lost, etc when our older two were younger.) and this....
I scanned the box in because I have no digital cam LOL!
a neat Wind-up Robot Workshop by Creativity for Kids. I'd never heard of this brand before but it looked promising and they would be handmade ;) so we grabbed em up. My babies especially LOVE robots (retro ones at that ;) don't know where they got that love (me!! ;) and have been asking for some like this from RetroPlanet's awesome line. Really.. I must share
Sparking Space Wind-up
Venus Wind-up.. isn't she awesome?!
Mechanical Walking Spaceman Wind-up

Not to mention this page from the 2011 Ikea magazine I've been hoarding forever.. 

Forgive the poor quality it was also scanned and I couldn't bear to tear it out to do so LOL
This is the beloved magazine as you can tell, it gets lots of love and carrying around.
Seriously. It was perfect!! So after coming in, I cleaned while the babies played outside and decorated our bricked "gate" that encloses the yard with sidewalk chalk art (my hubs put in his two cents with a huge RED SOX in neon pink LOL that covers a good part of the inner wall). Then we got down the "serious" business of making these little fellas. The kit was pretty awesome but I would definitely suggested having more two sided tape on hand, someone of our "bodies" kept bursting open at first. All in all, Little Boss licked some markers and Sonic had dark blue hands (only natural right?). Polka dot was the only one who wasn't covered in marker. And a bit later we got this parade of "mechanical" awesomeness..

this is the part where I remind myself that I need a camera really badly LOL
And they actually wind up and walk! LOVE it! Creativity For Kids has a ton of kits & project packs out there and seriously, I'm gonna have to snatch more up. Especially for homeschooling, crafting with my littles and maybe even for my Awana class sometime. It's some neato stuff!! <~~~~ yes, I said neato ;) And in case you're wondering, I wasn't paid/received products, am not an affiliate for Creativity For Kids, just wanted to share the wealth of an awesome way to spend time with the babies. It was not only affordable (I got this kit for $7.49 at Toys R Us!) but it included all supplies, markers, etc and it was a fast cleanup and a great way to create handmade sweetness with the littles. Two thumbs up guys!! Thanks for helping make our Saturday awesome! (Now! Time to figure out how to save up for some awesome retro tin robot wind-ups since Little Boss has already ate the eyes off two of our creations LOL!!) 

Tomorrow I'm thinking we might break out the B. toys Pop-Arty and make some awesome & colorful spring/summer toned jewelry (best believe I'll wear it out lol!!) Haven't heard about B. toys?! Omgosh you are missing out!! Check out my blog posts here & here as well as their website and no doubt you'll love em as much as I do. Some serious untoppable greatness in creative play & a mission minded company! I can't find anything to beat them. So...what are you making with the littles? I would LOVEEE to see your blog posts, ideas, etc! Crafting is learning!
Xoxo, Crystal


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